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RV Transport Services

We move campers in the USA.

We transport campers all over the USA.  

    RV Transport is our specialty.  We have been shipping most types of trailers all across the USA.  From State to State, City to City anywhere in the continental USA.  We can transport a RV Trailer including 5th wheel, gooseneck, and bumper pull.  We also ship Semi Trailer from big dry van trailers to tankers, flatbeds, low boys, tag trailers and so much more.  Our drivers go through extensive training on preventative action. In order to deliver a trailer safely our drivers check all areas around the outside of trailer looking for any possible traveling problem such as air pressure , lights, brakes and the general appearance.  We are licensed, insured and bonded and a proud member of the BBB.

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The cost to transport a trailer depends on what type of trailer it is, the popularity of the route aswell as the locations.  The rate also depends on the size of the trailer.  The length, width, height and weight.  Is the trailer over 8ft 6in wide.. If so, in every state in america it will require an overwide permit.  If the trailer is over 13ft 6in high it will also require overwide permits. 

Our rates per mile to transfer a trailer from one location to another varies.  In general the more miles it goes the less per mile the fee for transporting is.

The easiest way to find out how much it is going to cost is to call us at 800-462-0038 to receive a trailer delivery price estimate.

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Akron, Ohio - OH

Albuquerque, New Mexico - NM

Anaheim, California - CA

Anchorage, Alaska - AK

Arlington, Texas - TX

Arlington, Virginia - VA

Atlanta, Georgia - GA

Aurora, Colorado - CO

Austin, Texas - TX

Bakersfield, California - CA

Baltimore, Maryland - MD

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - LA

Birmingham, Alabama - AL

Boise, Idaho - ID

Boston, Massachusetts - MA

Buffalo, New York - NY

Chandler, Arizona - AZ

Charlotte, North Carolina - NC

Chesapeake, Virginia - VA

Chicago, Illinois - IL

Chula Vista, California - CA

Cincinnati, Ohio - OH

Cleveland, Ohio - OH

Colorado Springs, Colorado - CO

Columbus, Ohio - OH

Corpus Christi, Texas - TX

Dallas, Texas - TX

Denver, Colorado - CO

Detroit, Michigan - MI

Durham, North Carolina - NC

El Paso, Texas - TX

Fort Wayne, Indiana - IN

Fort Worth, Texas - TX

Fremont, California - CA

Fresno, California - CA

Garland, Texas - TX

Gilbert, Arizona - AZ

Glendale, Arizona - AZ

Greensboro, North Carolina - NC

Henderson, Nevada - NV

Hialeah, Florida - FL

Honolulu, Hawaii - HI

Houston, Texas - TX

Indianapolis, Indiana - IN

Irvine, California - CA

Jacksonville, Florida - FL

Jersey City, New Jersey - NJ

Kansas City, Missouri - MO

Laredo, Texas - TX

Las Vegas, Nevada - NV

Lexington, Kentucky - KY

Lincoln, Nebraska - NE

Long Beach, California - CA

Los Angeles, California - CA

Louisville, Kentucky - KY

Lubbock, Texas - TX

Madison, Wisconsin - WI

Memphis, Tennessee - TN

Mesa, Arizona - AZ

Miami, Florida - FL

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - WI

Minneapolis, Minnesota - MN

Modesto, California - CA

Montgomery, Alabama - AL

Nashville, Tennessee - TN

New Orleans, Louisiana - LA

New York, New York - NY

Newark, New Jersey - NJ

Norfolk, Virginia - VA

North Las Vegas, Nevada - NV

Oakland, California - CA

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - OK

Omaha, Nebraska - NE

Orlando, Florida - FL

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA

Phoenix, Arizona - AZ

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PA

Plano, Texas - TX

Portland, Oregon - OR

Raleigh, North Carolina - NC

Omaha, Nebraska - NE

Orlando, Florida - FL

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA

Phoenix, Arizona - AZ

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - PA

Plano, Texas - TX

Portland, Oregon - OR

Raleigh, North Carolina - NC

Reno, Nevada - NV

Richmond, Virginia - VA

Riverside, California - CA

Rochester, New York - NY

Sacramento, California - CA

San Antonio, Texas - TX

San Diego, California - CA

San Francisco, California - CA

San Jose, California - CA

Santa Ana, California - CA

Scottsdale, Arizona - AZ

Seattle, Washington - WA

Spokane, Washington - WA

St. Louis, Missouri - MS

St. Paul, Minnesota - MN

St. Petersburg, Florida - FL

Stockton, California - CA

Tampa, Florida - FL

Toledo, Ohio - OH

Tucson, Arizona - AZ

Tulsa, Oklahoma - OK

Virginia Beach, Virginia - VA

Washington, District of Columbia - DC

Wichita, Kansas - KS

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Showroom Transport has been in business since 1994.  We are open 24 hours a day every day of the year.  You can always call us to check on the status of your trailer move.   We are licensed, insured and bonded.  We are a proud member of the better business bureau.  Our drivers have years of experience towing trailers all around the country.  Everyday we work hard to improve our customer relations.  We want every single customer satisfied with our service.  We believe if our customers are happy they will call us again or refer us to many others.  We love repeat business!  

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Whether your trailer is a big semi trailer or little camper trailer our safety guide will work.   Our drivers are trained to do a walk around inspection on the trailer before hooking up to it, during travel and after the delivery has been made.   We start out by looking at the overall appearence of the trailer.  
1.  Look at the appearance of the trailer:  Look for the obvious: loose siding or panels, broken or missing lights, or anything out of the ordinary.
2.  Tires: Check the tire pressure of the trailer tires.  Kicking the tires is not the best way to check for proper air pressure.  Use an air gauge!  Look foor dry rot, cracks, rips or buldges on the tires.  When I tire blows it can cause damage to your trailer, slow your trip down and also pieces of your tires could hit another vehicles on the road.  When in doubt, change your tires. It will save you money in the long run.
3.  Lights: Trailers are required to have lights on all sides.  The back lights, the side marker lights and the lights at the top front of the trailer called the center lights.  Every state, city, county lights on trailers are mandatory.  Clean the the light caps, replace bulbs if needed. Check wiring.  You want all lights working.
4. Brakes: Electric Brake Trailers must have a break away switch on them. Before driver pulls away the driver should make sure the break away switch works. The driver should also make sure the trailer brakes are working properly too.  To do so the driver should place the vehicle shifter in drive and move the lever on the electric brake controller inside vehicle without stepping on brakes.  The trailer should immediately stop or slow down progress.  For air brake trailers, there is a hand valve that can be applied with the same respect.  Yet for semi trailers, driver should know how to check for brake adjustment.  

For more information of the safety of moving trailers please call us at 800-462-0038.

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